couture lamarque

For several years, the idea of ​​selling male fashion accessories was trotting in my head. But I hesitated to start before the task at hand. Following a trip to an Italian friend, I saw that he made bow ties for his personal use with leather scrap, and without complex. It was the trigger, when I returned to Rouen, I bought some cloth, took the old sewing machine from my grandmother and I made my first bow tie, then a second and another, until no more stop and never stop improving my creations.

I wanted to create bow ties that I wanted to wear, but that I did not find in the trade. I wanted them to be worn on any occasion and not just for big ceremonies like weddings.

That's how I quickly created "Rock Dandy" mix between ease of wear and elegance. It sums up the image of Colbeau that I wanted: elegant and easy to wear.

This is also why I decided to make fixed knots and not tie, because we do not necessarily want the morning to take several times to make a successful knot. By cons, they are built like bow ties to tie to bring all their thickness and charm.

Each bow tie is made by hand. I take the time to do them with passion so that it brings you as much satisfaction for you to wear them as me to make them.

I realize my knots in Rouen at home in my workshop.

Julien Colbeau